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Rousseau N ° 5

Real estate synergy of excellence


A Geneva and family real estate agency - specialized in marketing and real estate management - ROUSSEAU N°5 is located in the heart of a skills hub, a unique facilitator of approaches. Focused on both technical innovation and tailor-made service, we sell and orchestrate exceptional projects, accompanied by our privileged and independent partners, housed in our same building: Cèdre 10 (construction) and Neal Ymar Architectes.

This real estate synergy of excellence gives us all the agility and expertise necessary to evolve effectively in the exclusive high-end real estate market where we guarantee exemplary professionalism and discretion.

Whether you are looking for a property to acquire, an apartment to rent, a development of your property, whether you want an expertise of your heritage or start a real estate development, our agents are at your disposal to submit the best solutions. Let's discuss it, together!



Our roots in Swiss real estate

Independent since our beginnings, our family heritage – more than 25 years of history, in the heart of the Swiss and Geneva market – quickly led us towards a profession that has always been, in reality, a passion. ROUSSEAU N°5 now benefits from more than ten years of experience, punctuated by numerous real estate developments.

Convinced that the union of expertise allows a set of excellence, we have brought together the best specialists, under the same roof. This constant search for improvement allows us to maintain a relationship of legitimate trust, with our customers and service providers. This is why we are able to offer you a wide and qualitative selection of properties for sale, as well as new real estate projects.



Digital tools & international vision

  • Specialists in the regional real estate market, our vision of the business is resolutely international. In order to bring solid added value to our customers, we draw inspiration from our friends and colleagues - located around the world - to select the most innovative, attractive and effective methods and tools.

  • With the best of digital, the collective effort distinguishes us. At every step, our experts and partners are there and perfectly master new technologies. Thus, thanks to the architectural firm Neal Ymar we can submit to our clients a realistic projection of their future habitat. As for the general contractor, Cèdre 10, it allows us to quantify any renovation and new construction project; sustainable results, in perfect economic rationality.


Ethical valuation of your property

  • The real estate agent is a key player in the sector. Subject to strict ethics and confidentiality, he is the essential intermediary for any transaction. More than negotiators, our specialists put their skills and experience of the real estate market at the service of the valuation of your property.

  • In order to achieve realistic pricing – a crucial step in a successful transaction, the essential basis of any long-term relationship – the necessary ingredient remains professionalism. Ethics, flexibility, advanced regional knowledge, commitment and privileged support clearly define our vision of this key value, but also our way of interpreting this delicate phase.


Top-of-the-range service, for everyone

  • On each project, we only aim for excellence. This constant quest for improvement is at the very heart of our process. When making decisive decisions, our experience and multidisciplinarity form a fundamental basis. Proactive by nature, we are able to anticipate the needs of our customers, go beyond expectations, in order to ensure a true premium service.

  • Passionate, we never count our hours and pass on our knowledge daily, for sincere and transparent relationships. We are 100% committed directly to each operation. At the heart of an exclusive market, our mission is to create value (built or service), provide turnkey solutions - in a positive atmosphere - and concrete results, for all.


Real Estate Skills Hub

Specialists in real estate marketing and management, our family company brings together, under its roof, a pole of independent experts, with complementary qualities; a real estate experience, complete and unique, at the service of your project.

  • Number of clients: + 7k

  • Number of sold units: 185

  • Number of projects: 22


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